3D Stripe Nato

High Detail.

High Style.

High Durability.

  • One Piece, single pass, Ballistic nylon
  • 20mm and 22mm lug widths
  • 295mm length (inc. buckle 310mm) 
  • 1.4mm thickness
  • 304L grade, brushed pin buckle with UTC logo
  • Fifteen rectangular pinholes for better pin-fit and greater adjustability (suitable for wrists from 10cm to 20cm)
  • Roll stitched edges for comfort and reduced fraying
  • Floating keeper with discretely etched UTC text

3D Stripe Ballistic Nato Straps.

3D Stripe Ballistic Nato premium straps are made from a dense weave mid-stiffness profile. At 1.4mm thick, these single pass Nato straps provide high level resistance to tearing and abrasion when compared with the thinner straps of inferior brands, while maintaining the comfort needed for daily wear. 

The central khaki/gold concave stripe running through the length of the strap gives the impression of being embossed, due to sitting at a reduced depth, but is actually woven to that position not compressed by a stamp and gives a delightful texture to the design.

Fifteen pinholes, provide broad adjustability for 10cm to 20cm wrists, and rectangular  cut to fit perfectly with the pin. The straps themselves are roll stitched along the edges to prevent fraying and keep a soft edge for comfort. 


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