Our ParaTac straps are here and offer a more tactical-style choice to the UTC line up.

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Following rigorous consultation with serving officers within the Metropolitan Police's Specialist Firearms Command (MO19), we put together a strap which serves the specific use-case of those in tactical roles, but which would also suit the average consumer seeking a genuine article to enhance the look of their timepiece.


The feedback that the survey provided was as follows.

  1. Keep the watch case as close to the surface as possible, so as reduce bulk on the wrist. (No double pass Natos)
  2. Velcro fastening essential for ease of adjustment in gloves (no pin-buckle).
  3. Minimal metalwork/protrusions to reduce fouling and catching with equipment/tools/firearms or when in physical conflict situations.
  4. Heavy duty elasticated nylon manufacture for abrasion resistance and flexibility.
  5. A subtle nod to Policing within the design.


The specs:

  • Two Piece elastic 1.6mm nylon strap (no pass under the watch case).
  • "MN - Marine Nationale" style of elasticated nylon providing 15mm flex.
  • "Velcro-style" hook and loop fastening system.
  • Satin black, 304L grade stainless steel loop.
  • Quick-Release springbars.
  • Roll-stitched edges for durability and comfort.
  • Union Flag patch with "thin blue line" running through.


10% of profits from sales of ParaTac straps will be donated to COPS (Care of Police Survivors) charity -

"Care of Police Survivors (COPS) is a charity that supports the families of police officers and staff who have lost their lives on duty."