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High Security.

High Strength.

High Style.

  • One Piece, double pass, silky seatbelt Nylon
  • 20mm and 22mm lug widths
  • 280mm length (inc. buckle 295mm)
  • 1.6mm thickness
  • 304L grade, brushed, Stainless Steel hoops
  • Machined 304L grade, brushed, Stainless Steel pin buckle
  • Eleven pinholes and protective edge stitching and heat sealing
  • Floating keeper with discretely engraved UTC logo
  • Safety Orange and Black colour

Bicolour Nato Straps.

For too long I have seen flimsy, wafer thin, plasticky, Nato straps that barely meet the definition. The Bicolour Nato Straps are constructed 1.6mm thick, affording them superior resistance to tearing and abrasion when compared with the thinner straps of inferior brands, while maintaining the comfort needed for daily wear. 

Rugged but supple... like Chuck Norris doing ballet.

Our pins and buckles are always made from single piece, forged and machined Stainless Steel alloy, not the stamped and bent mild steels of inferior brands. This means the tolerances are finer and the material is stronger. The keepers are also made from the same high quality 304L stainless steel and subtly engraved with the Under The Cuff text logo.  Eleven round pinholes, provide broad adjustability, and are heat sealed along with the edges to help prevent fraying.


the colours of this strap are black and orange.

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