What’s “Pro” about the Pro?

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What’s “Pro” about the Pro?

What’s so “Pro” about the new Tudor Black Bay Pro?

I’ve been a Tudor fan for a long time. I’ve owned several. My first was a Black Bay GMT, followed by a Harrods Edition, then a BB58 Blue, then another Harrods Edition after I sold the first one, realising what a mistake I’d made and costing myself £300 after a price hike.
So I say this with love and affection for the brand, but mainly because I’m confused.
What is “Pro” about the Pro?
When compared to the Black Bay GMT, technologically there seems very little to set them apart.
They both have the same MT5652 movement inside, a four-hand GMT with date function.
They are both made from 316L stainless steel.
They both come with a bracelet.
The only discernible differences are the lack of a rotating bezel on the Pro and the inclusion of the T-fit bracelet for on-the-fly adjustment on the Pro.
So swings and roundabouts really.
All in all a very similar specification.

So why call this 39mm version of the GMT a “Pro”? If it had been made from Titanium that would have dovetailed with the Pro moniker beautifully and I’m sure they would have sold them by the bucket. The Pro is actually LESS expensive than the GMT, so why the confusing nomenclature?
The Pro is meant to be the best option, right?

Is this the start of a naming revolution within Tudor? Will all their sports models be phased into a “Pro” lineup? Or will the “Pro” line be expanded with more Pro variations to come?
I suspect the latter.

With the 10th anniversary of the Pelagos this year, I think you can expect to see a “Pelagos Pro” with maybe a larger depth rating plus more to come. Maybe they’ll follow the Apple naming scheme and give us a Black Bay Pro Max in 43mm… who knows.
So on this occasion, I think the BB Pro is not for me mainly because I find its position in the lineup confusing.
I know it’s the Tudor version of the Rolex Explorer ii and the GMT is the Tudor version of the Rolex GMT. But I think Tudor need to stop offering lite versions so heavily influenced by their big sister’s catalogue and diverge to a more unique selection.

Rolex and Tudor’s history is inescapably entwined but come on…. We see what you’re doing.

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