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Tag Heuer Monaco Update

While the whole world seems to be arguing about the Zenith vs Rolex chronograph battle at the moment, I thought I would rant about the recent update to a more modest stopwatch. My first “proper” watch was a Tag Heuer Link Chrono CT5111, which my dad bought for my 21st birthday, so I have a bit of a soft spot for Tags.

Tag Heuer Makes it own in-house movements and the Heuer 02 movement in the Monaco is a goodun. An impressive 80 hour power reserve with a 4-6 year service interval and 12 hour maximum timing. The update is that the Monaco is now available with an OEM steel bracelet for the first time in its history.

The £5600 price tag is putting it within swinging range of other historically significant Chronographs such as the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Whereas the Speedy has just been updated with a new design and movement and will be unobtainable to most for some time, the Monaco can probably be got with a modest discount from ADs. The Monaco is arguably the better movement when judged by the stats alone, being an automatic and having a greater power reserve plus a date function. Both watches have clear case backs and are immediately recognisable when seen leaning across a crowded bar (remember those).  When you look at it objectively, the Tag seems to win out... but when do we ever measure these things solely with our heads? It’s usually the heart that gets us into trouble! What are your thoughts on modern Tags and what would you spend £5600 on if you were in the market for an historic Chrono?

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