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Here it comes...

I've been working hard to over the past months to both develop this website and produce a strap that I can be proud to unveil as Under The Cuff.


The brand new UTC Two Piece NATO


There are five new colours available in two sizes (20mm and 22mm).

Silver Stone; a light silvery grey colour.

Moss Green; a cross between olive and khaki green.

Blue; versatile and bold, why call it anything else.

Tang; a striking golden orange colour.

Dark Web; pitch black.


My primary aim was to produce a two piece strap of high quality and high convenience. This is why all our Two Piece NATO straps come with quick-release spring bars to make it much easier to change your straps without risking damaging the watch case with any tools. I've seen it happen so many times, a little slip and ssssscratch... bugger.

While I would agree that a two piece NATO strap is not a true NATO by definition, it has real world benefits for many users over the single piece. Single piece NATO straps provide redundancy if one of the spring bars should fail. The downside is that, by design, the strap has to go underneath the case back of the watch, which raises the overall height of the watch on the wrist. NATO single piece straps also overlap themselves and double their thickness at this point. This can be a too bulky for some people who prefer a conventional layout. Our Two Piece NATO straps retain the material properties of high quality Nylon while improving comfort and wear-ability in this configuration as the cost of safety redundancy.

But worry ye not... Under The Cuff has got your back and will be releasing a special, top-notch-tactical, single piece strap soon... Exciting times ahead. 

UTC Two Piece NATO straps are constructed to be 1.8mm thick, affording them superior resistance to tearing and abrasion, while maintaining the comfort needed for daily wear. Ten round pinholes provide broad adjustability which are heat sealed along with the edges to prevent fraying.

Our UTC branded pin and buckle are always made from single piece, machined alloy, not the stamped and bent types of inferior brands. All metalwork is 304L grade stainless steel made from an 18% chromium and 8% nickel alloy. 


I've been working a long time to get this right, so I hope you love them.



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